“NSS provides students with opportunities for serving the Community, Nation and Society. It also provides them with an opportunity to interact with people around the campus creatively and constructively and to put their educations to concrete social use. Hence all should come forward in the field of social work/service and serve the nation with dedication […]

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Vision & Mission

“संश्रुतेन गमेमहि” अर्थात “हमें वेदों के अनुसार आचरण करना चाहिए” Vision: The Vision of the college is to be a Preferred Institute and a hub of academic and professional activities so that the students of rural background may achieve quality education at door step. Mission: The Mission is to ignite the latent mind of the […]

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The college has given a due representation to students in each activity or plan of the college. The student participation is ensured through their nominated body which is named CSCA  (College Student Central Association). The Function of CSCA makes possible links between students, teachers, and administration. The Demands raised by students or suggestions on any […]

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