Computer Fundamentals Computer Science eBooks for UG Syllabus of BSc(Physical Science)

1st Year

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Core Course-II Problem Solving Using Computer COMP101TH & Software Lab Using Python COMP101PR

P. K. Sinha & Priti Sinha , “Computer Fundamentals”, BPB Publications, 2007.

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COMP101TH: Problem Solving using Computer

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Computer Fundamentals: Introduction to Computers: Characteristics of Computers, Uses
of ComputersTypes, and generations of Computers.
Basic Computer Organization: Units of a computer, CPU, ALU, memory hierarchy,
registers, I/O devices.
Planning the Computer Program: Concept of problem-solving, Problem definition,
Program design, Debugging, Types of errors in programming, Documentation.
Techniques of Problem-Solving: Flowcharting, decision table, algorithms, Structured
programming concepts, Programming methodologies viz. top-down and bottom-up

Computer Fundamentals Computer Science
Overview of Programming: Structure of a Python Program, Elements of Python
Introduction to Python: Python Interpreter, Using Python as a calculator, Python shell,
Indentation. Atoms, Identifiers and keywords, Literals, Strings, Operators (Arithmetic
operator, Relational operator, Logical or Boolean operator, Assignment, Operator, Ternary
operator, Bitwise operator, Increment or Decrement operator).
Creating Python Programs: Input and Output Statements, Control statements (Loopingwhile
Loop, for Loop
, Loop Control, Conditional Statement- if…else, Difference between break,
continue and pass).
Structures: Numbers, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionary, Date & Time, Modules, Defining
Functions, Exit function, default arguments.
Introduction to Advanced Python: Objects and Classes, Inheritance, Regular Expressions,
Event-Driven Programming, GUI Programming.

Computer Fundamentals Computer Science

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Core Course-V

Office Automation Tools COMP102TH